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We perform all regular types of towing services. We help people get their stranded vehicle where it's got to go. Windsor, Ontario and surrounding areas are where we operate. CALL Windsor Tow Company today to get the towing services you need.


Every car requires some kind of roadside assistance during its lifetime. As one of the best
towing company in Windsor with the most seasoned commercial roadside assistance programs and Windsor towing service, we know the stress of roadside problems and are skilled at solving them as soon as possible.


We are aware of the requirements firsthand. You can rely on our knowledge which made us the high-caliber tow truck company in Windsor. We use the most modern tow trucks in Windsor and constantly strive to improve. We consistently satisfy the expectations of our clientele as a one-stop shop for all towing services in Windsor.Ready to Get Towed? Reach Out to Us


At a moment's notice, Windsor Tow Company offers quick and effective towing service. Both light and heavy towing in Windsor is acceptable with our tow truck service in Windsor. We offer Windsor towing service on any weight-class truck to any location within the following services:


● Local Towing
● Long-Distance Towing
● Interstate Towing


● Motorcycle Towing
● Exotic Car Towing
● RV & Trailer Towing


● Accident Recovery
● Off-Road Recovery
● Winching Services


Being stranded on the road is the worst possible situation, as we at Windsor Tow Company know well. Call us, and we'll send out a crew whether your car stalled, the battery died, you ran out of gas, you got a flat tire, or you got locked out. Our roadside assistance in Windsor offers:


● Jump Starts
● Battery Replacement
B- TIRE SERVICES:● Tire Change
● Tire Repair
● Vehicle Lockout
● Key Replacement
D- FUEL SERVICES:● Gas Delivery
● Diesel Delivery


Since we know it is worse at night when you are even less likely to get aid, we also provide 24/7 roadside assistance in Windsor. Our crew is qualified, experienced, bonded, and covered by insurance and gives you emergency support as swiftly and safely as possible. Our emergency support in Windsor offers the following:
Visit the service page for more details.


Windsor Tow Company's year of experience is brought to the table by our team of devoted specialists. We at Windsor Tow Company are available with 24/7 roadside assistance in Windsor, as your safety is our utmost priority. We are the best towing company in Windsor because we are:

● Reliable:

We provide a wide range of towing services in Windsor and tow trucks you can trust to provide excellent service consistently. Our redundant staff ensures that our tow trucks in Windsor are always ready to assist you when needed. Contrary to tow truck companies in Windsor, we constantly perform preventative maintenance on our equipment to ensure that our tow trucks are on the road in all types of

● Focused On Integrity:

We always aim to provide our all, no matter how big or little the
work. Our devoted and dependable staff members get intensive training and are certified. The cherry on top is our 90% staff retention rate. With these figures, you can be confident that we run the best towing company, Windsor.

● Experienced:

We are proud of our internal staff's abilities and knowledge. Our technicians are trained towing experts with years of practical expertise who are certified and insured. You
may depend on us to safely attach, carry, and deliver your car from point A to point B.

● Committed to your satisfaction:

Our commitment exceeds our professionals' extensive experience. From the moment you contact us until your problem is resolved, we believe in keeping you updated along the route. Whenever you pick us for towing or roadside assistance, our team's dedication to your pleasure is steadfast, ensuring you always feel valued.Don't Wait, Get Reliable Towing Now.

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Windsor Tow Company

Tow Truck Windsor Ontario

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Windsor Tow Company

Tow Truck Windsor Ontario

Check out our services and call for assistance today.

Affordable, Safe Towing Services - Windsor Tow Company

Using our affordable Windsor towing and roadside assistance service, you can ensure your
vehicles, yourself, and your possessions will be safe. You may rely on our expertise and
attention in the following affordable roadside emergency services in Windsor, which we
provide in a wide range to fulfill all of your emergency needs:

● Local Towing:

We offer quick and reliable towing within the city limits, ensuring your vehicle is moved safely and efficiently to a desired location. Our professional team of knowledgeable tow truck operators in Windsor is available around-the-clock. We come to
your aid whenever you encounter a roadside emergency in Windsor.

● Long-Distance Towing:

From city to city, our long-distance towing service in Windsor is
designed to cover extensive distances while prioritizing your vehicle's safety. There are no additional costs of towing in Windsor or surprises after your trip because all long-distance towing costs are calculated in kilometers. We are here to ensure the task is done properly whether you need long-distance collision towing services or business long-distance

● Interstate Towing:

Our skilled team ensures your vehicle is transported to the nearest
service center for breakdowns on highways and interstates. We offer high-quality interstate towing with a personal touch. Windsor Tow Company will not only meet but also exceed your expectations. We exclusively focus on moving your vehicle over a great distance securely because that is what you need. We can deliver it to you whether it needs to go to the next city
or across the country.

● Motorcycle Towing:

The joy and independence of riding a motorcycle, trike, or scooter are things we at Windsor Tow Company are familiar with. With specialized equipment and care, our motorcycle towing service in Windsor guarantees the secure transportation of your two-wheeled vehicle.

● Exotic Car Towing:

You can trust that Windsor Tow Company will be there for you if you ever find yourself driving along and have an unexpected mechanical failure or an unfortunate accident. Our exotic car towing service in Windsor employs meticulous handling to preserve
your vehicle.

● RV & Trailer Towing:

We declare our expertise in towing all classes of RVs with great pride
because the safe towing of an RV in Windsor requires specific equipment and training. An invaluable asset that ensures rapid roadside assistance in an unexpected breakdown is having a reputable RV towing company on speed dial. Whether you're towing a camper, trailer, or RV, your tow truck company Windsor has the expertise to handle these larger vehicles.

● Accident Recovery:

In the aftermath of an accident, our accident recovery service in
Windsor offers timely and safe retrieval of your vehicle, minimizing further damage. Our prestigious recovery services are intended to help people who, regrettably, have been in an accident. There's no reason to worry once the initial shock has passed. Our specialized tow trucks in Windsor are on call around the clock and prepared to get to your place quickly.

● Off-Road Recovery:

From muddy paths to rocky terrains, our off-road recovery service in\ Windsor gets your vehicle back on track, no matter where you got stuck. Our committed towing professionals in Windsor are available every day of the week to help you get unstuck, no matter how your car becomes stuck.

● Winching Services:

When your vehicle is in a tight spot, our winching service in Windsor
provides the power to pull it out, avoiding damage. Is your car stuck in a snow, sand, or mud puddle? No issue; Windsor Tow Company will practically lift your automobile out using our
reliable winching service in Windsor. If you are unclear about the type of tow you require, bear in mind that winching services are frequently required if you are stranded in a remote
region along a route.
Quality Towing Services Just a Call Away - Dial Now

● Jump Starts:

Dead battery? Let our factory-trained experts inspect and maintain your automobile's batteries. When your vehicle doesn't start, our quick and reliable jump-start service in Windsor gets you back on the road.


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● Battery Replacement:

If your battery is beyond revival, our battery replacement service in
Windsor installs a new battery onsite for your convenience. We are happy to provide a selection of vehicle batteries in Windsor with affordable and fast battery replacement service.

● Tire Change:

Flat tire? Being trapped on the side of the road because of a flat tire can be very annoying owing to all the difficulty it will create. You would be moody for the rest of the day, whatever the cause of the flat tire. Our tire change service in Windsor swiftly replaces the flat tire with a spare, allowing you to proceed without delays.

● Tire Repair:

IWhen searching for "flat tire repair near me," one has many possibilities. Stop your car safely off the road and replace the flat tire by dialing our tow truck in Windsor or roadside help. You shouldn't worry because we have many solutions for flat tires in Windsor. For minor tire punctures, our tire repair service patches up the damage, extending the life of your tire.

● Vehicle Lockout:

Accidentally locked out of your vehicle? Our timely vehicle lockout
services in Windsor are available 24/7. All of our skilled auto locksmiths in Windsor aim to arrive within 30 minutes of when they are dispatched. Our vehicle lockout service in Windsor gets you back inside quickly and safely.

● Key Replacement:

Lost your keys? Our key replacement service in Windsor provides a new set of keys on the spot. Our skilled auto lockout specialists have all the necessary equipment with them and have the skills you need to do the process safely without causing harm to your vehicle.

● Gas Delivery:

Running on empty? Don't let an empty tank disrupt your plans – our gas or fuel delivery service in Windsor will refuel you quickly. Our crew becomes an extension of yours once we have successfully delivered fuel to your location.

● Diesel Delivery:

Diesel vehicle? Count on us to deliver diesel fuel in Windsor directly to your location, preventing any interruption to your journey. Beyond just providing immediate emergency aid, we are dedicated to quality. We're Here to Assist - Contact Us


Day or night, our immediate roadside assistance team is ready to assist you whenever you need help. Our ears are on your calls, and our feet are on your way. We keep a watch on any towing or emergency roadside assistance in Windsor.


Our mechanical assistance in Windsor covers many minor vehicle repairs, from simple fixes to more complex issues. Our mechanics in Windsor are our power which we transplant to your cars so you can keep moving.


Whether sand, snow, or mud, our extrication service in Windsor safely gets your vehicle back on solid ground. Before you resume moving, Our recovery service in Windsor ensures your vehicle is sound and well-conditioned so you may not experience the after effects later during your journey.All time available for any road emergency - Call Us

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Windsor Tow Company

Tow Truck Windsor Ontario

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Windsor Tow Company

Tow Truck Windsor Ontario

Please check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions and learn more about our field service. Phone or submit your request for more answers. Thank you!

1- What is the towing process?

Towing is joining two or more items so that one or more specified power sources can pull them. Any object that can be dragged may be the object being towed, and the towing source could be a powered land vehicle.

2- What is the formula for towing in Windsor?

Towing regulations and formulas can vary by location. In Windsor, towing regulations are typically determined by local authorities and towing companies, considering factors such as the
weight of the vehicle being towed and the type of equipment used.

3- What are the types of towing capacity?

Towing capacity is typically categorized as gross towing capacity and tongue weight capacity. Gross towing capacity refers to the maximum weight a vehicle can tow, while tongue weight capacity refers to the downward force exerted on the hitch.

4- Does towing reduce engine life?

Towing can put additional stress on an engine due to the increased workload. While occasional towing within the vehicle's capacity is unlikely to reduce engine life significantly, regular heavy
towing without proper maintenance and care can contribute to wear and tear over time.

5- Does towing damage transmission?

Towing within the vehicle's specified towing capacity and using proper towing techniques typically does not damage the transmission. However, towing loads beyond the vehicle's capacity or using incorrect towing methods can strain the transmission and lead to damage over time.

6- What gear do you tow a car?

When towing a car, it's generally recommended to use a lower gear, such as "D" (Drive) or "3" on an automatic transmission, to provide better engine braking and control on descents. Manual transmissions should be in the appropriate gear for the load and terrain.

7- Which is better for towing, petrol or diesel?

Diesel engines are often preferred for towing due to their higher torque output, which provides better-pulling power under heavy loads. However, modern petrol engines with turbochargers can also offer competitive towing performance.

8- How much horsepower do you need to tow a car?

The amount of horsepower needed for towing varies based on the weight of the load and the terrain. A general rule of thumb is that having higher horsepower can be beneficial, but torque and gearing are more critical factors for towing capability.

9- Is towing power or torque?

Torque is crucial for initial acceleration and overcoming resistance, while power (a combination of torque and engine speed) determines the overall performance, especially at higher speeds.

10- What percentage of towing capacity is safe?

A general guideline is to tow within 80% of the vehicle's towing capacity to ensure safety and stability.

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Windsor Tow Company

Tow Truck Windsor Ontario

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About Us

Windsor Tow Company

Tow Truck Windsor Ontario

We are your trusted company for the service you need.

Empowering Towing in Windsor: Windsor Tow Company's Fleet

Welcome to Windsor Tow Company. Windsor residents can rely on us for timely and dependable emergency roadside assistance, heavy-duty towing, accident management, and fleet maintenance in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Vehicle fleets in various industries, including general freight, intermodal, chemicals, consumer goods, food items, forest products, government, waste management, autos, and components, are serviced by Windsor Tow Company. No matter the size of the fleet, from a single owner-operator truck to a huge fleet of vehicles, we are well-equipped to handle any breakdown repairs in Windsor.


A Customizable 5-Step Process for a Seamless Towing Experience
We have devised easy-to-follow towing and roadside assistance services in Windsor. When you are in a roadside emergency or need reliable towing services, our well-defined 5-step towing process in Windsor ensures a seamless journey from distress to decisiveness. Please go through the towing process customized for your convenience.

5-Step Process

STEP 1- REACH OUT: Whether you're facing a breakdown, accident, or need emergency
assistance, contact us anytime.
STEP 2- ASSESSMENT: Our experienced professionals gather essential details to
understand your situation and determine the necessary resources.
STEP 3- QUICK RESPONSE: We swiftly dispatch the right tow truck in Windsor and an
expert towing team to your location, ensuring minimal wait time.
STEP 4- SAFE HANDLING: We carefully secure and transport your vehicle to your desired
destination using cutting-edge techniques and equipment.
STEP 5- CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Your safety and satisfaction are paramount. We
are with you during pre and post-roadside assistance.


When you choose Windsor Tow Company, you're choosing more than just a towing service – you're choosing a dedicated towing partner in Windsor committed to making your journey smoother. From emergency to heavy-duty towing, we've got you covered. We understand that no two situations are alike. So we go with customized towing after each call we receive for help. Experience the difference in handling any roadside situation.REDEFINING TOWING STANDARDS: APPROACH US FOR A REMARKABLE AND RELIABLE RIDE

Choose Windsor Tow Company – your partner in redefining towing standards.

At Windsor Tow Company, we are not just a towing service but your partners in navigating unexpected road challenges with unmatched excellence. Are you ready to experience towing
like never before? Take the first step towards a remarkable and reliable journey by filling out the form below.

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Windsor Tow Company

Tow Truck Windsor Ontario

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